Integrated VAS Messaging Solutions

Effective communication between your business and your clients is paramount to success, which is why LinksLine Integrated VAS Solutions offer you a range of cost-effective, value-added calling and messaging solutions.

The LinksLine VAS Platform directly integrates with your enterprise applications over the secure channels using custom data connectors for the data exchange. Custom designed VAS applications then use this data to send and receive messages and calls to and from your customers or employees.

By taking advantage of these our VAS solutions, your business will enjoy improved productivity and efficiency, increased customer interaction and satisfaction and reduced operational costs.


  • Maximize your opportunities and increase efficiency by always being in touch.
  • Mange and protect your data.
  • Benefit from leading, innovative technology and global reach.
  • Increase customer confidence in your organization.
  • Reduce communication costs by utilizing the many LinksLine value-added services.

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