Links Line proposed its customers to increase in their revenues, and reduce their total cost of ownership over the solution and platforms designed and brought to the industry which will help the enterprise customers to optimize their TTM, secure their investment and amplify their terminal revenue stream.  Links Line designed its product line in two main classifications as Solutions and Services, which have been detailed here under:

Messaging Solutions

Group Messaging Solution (GMS) provides the facility to the service subscriber for creation of his/her Favorite Group(s), Invite his friends, relatives, or colleagues to their relevant groups and interact with them via cost effective, secured, and full of fun Group Messaging Service.

IVR and IVVR Solutions

Bulk Messaging System (BMS) is a web based system developed by the LINKS LINE research and development team. This solution offers bulk transmission of Short Text Messages (SMS) and Multimedia Messages (MMS) to the target database of the MSISDN (Mobile Numbers) through the operator’s messaging network (SMSC).

Datacenter Solutions

IVR applications are programs that control and respond to calls on the IVR platform. IVR applications can either be developed by an enterprise, by an IVR development shop, or by companies that offer canned IVR applications.

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