Who We Are?

The last two decades have seen a massive revolution in communication industry and the transition of public from Land Line towards the GSM. From the earliest analogue voice networks, to the emergence of text messaging, through the early faltering steps of WAP, to the arrival of ‘real’ internet browsing and mobile IM – we’ve come a long way in a relatively short time. Most critically, a product traditionally used just for simple voice and text communication is now a multimedia device, compact enough to be carried everywhere, powerful enough to be used for everything – from TV to Voice over IP.

But, in this era of convergence, there are some things that don’t necessarily come together easily. Every device that hits the high street is the result of a highly complex value chain, with every link making critical decisions throughout the development process. Young, fast-growing, and highly competitive markets, like ours, thrive on a diversity of views and opinions.

Founded in Year 2007, Links Line delivers Telecom and IT enabled business services and Solution which help organizations and Telecom Operators, in the public and private sectors, to operate more efficiently and profitably.  As a Turn Key Solution Provider, by combining in depth understanding of our clients’ businesses with expertise in Telecom, IT, and Business Process Re-Engineering, we take on our clients’ challenges and architect innovative solutions to address them.

In recent past, mobile services development and platform implementation has been prime focus to our concern because of rapid turns in the cellular technology.  We implement various B2B and B2C turnkey solutions including Mobile Messaging Systems, IVR Systems,CallCenters, IVVR Solutions and Platforms, as well as end-to-end Managed Services and systems integration solutions to various organizations.

Today, Links Line’s solutions have reached the organizations across the GCC including Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Oman with the offices in these countries as sister companies.

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