At Links Line, the time measurement and its calculations are carefully done and evaluated from all the aspects before making the commitment to the clients and partners because time is the VALUE and Timely Decisions sets the success.


Founded in Year 2007, Links Line delivers Telecom and IT enabled business services and Solution which help organizations and Telecom Operators, in the public and private sectors, to operate more efficiently and profitably.

As a Turn Key Solution Provider, by combining in depth understanding of our clients’ businesses with expertise in Telecom, IT, and Business Process Re-Engineering, we take on our clients’ challenges and architect innovative solutions to address them.

Today, Links Line’s solutions have reached the organizations across the GCC including Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, and Oman with the offices in these countries as sister companies.


Bulk Messaging System

Bulk Messaging System (BMS) is a web based system developed by the LINKS LINE research and development team. This solution offers bulk transmission of SMS and MMS messages to the target database of the mobile numbers through the operator’s messaging network (SMSC).

Integrated VAS Application

VAS applications are hybrid applications which take advantage of interactive SMS and MMS services combined with IVR and IVVR platforms to create custom Value Added Services on top of your line-of-business applications.

Group Messaging System

Group Messaging Solution (GMS) provides the facility to the service subscriber for creation of his/her Favorite Group(s), Invite his friends, relatives, or colleagues to their relevant groups and interact with them via cost effective, secured, and full of fun Group Messaging Service.


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